Blondes - Touched EP (12" vinyl)


A masterful 5 track debut from Brooklyn-based electronic duo Blondes. Melding assorted influences ranging from acid techno to new age to Top 40 into a personal dance vision, its 40 minutes offer an exploration of euphoria, intuition, and emotion at their most purified. Equally at home in a sweaty basement party or a solo 6 AM drive thinking "where did it all go so right", this is probably the closest anyone has gotten to translating the shape of a heart into electronic wave forms.

"Imaginary dance music for the head and the heart as much as it is for the feet" - NME

"Displays a craft and restraint that belies their short years" - Pitchfork


1. You Mean So Much To Me (09:02)
2. Moondance (11:26)
3. Spanish Fly (05:06)
4. Paradise City (04:46)
5. Virgin Pacific (07:41)

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